How is everyone weathering the change in season?!

I started my Level 4 qualification in diet and nutrition last week, which I'm excited about. As well as it helping me to understand how everything I put in my body can either help or hinder my own health and thyroid journey, I'm hoping it will enable me to help you all too by sharing everything I learn. I've always had a love for learning.

I came down with my first cold of the season last week which wasn't at all nice! But I doubled my Vitamin C and zinc intake (via supplements) which made sure it was gone within a few days instead of lingering for a week or two. What are some of your remedies for tackling illness swiftly? I have included an article from a year or so back further down this newsletter, about my experiences as someone catching illnesses with a thyroid condition.

I am also attempting to grow my eyebrows out at the minute (those of you following me on Instagram will have no doubt seen!) and it's interesting to say the least! I was thrilled that my pencil thin brows immediately started filling out when I stepped away from the tweezers and let my optimal thyroid and vitamin levels take care of the rest. Losing eyebrow thickness is a definite sign of low thyroid hormone levels, so if yours have been affected too, do check that your levels are optimal as this can make a lot of difference.

My skin has also cleared up a lot in the past week, with no new acne for a while now and just scarring left currently. I'm really hoping this is a sure sign that my candida is coming under control and the diet I've been sticking to is working. I see my functional doctor on Monday and can't wait to share my progress with her.

Wishing you a great couple of weeks ahead and lots more progress!

As always, thyroid Love x

Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism


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Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism