I'm pleased to say that since the last newsletter, the itching all over my body has subsided with antihistamines and as expected, my functional medicine practitioner suspects we just overloaded on histamine and has since given me directions on changing some of the supplements I take and changing some of my eating habits to avoid it happening again.

I'm well aware that I haven't given you a new 'general update' blog on my personal thyroid journey for a while, so it's on my to-do list to get done soon. As usual, a lot has happened since the last one and I know that many of you find value and comfort in following what does (and sometimes doesn't) work on my own journey with thyroid disease.

The online thyroid course I'm developing with Nadha at Thyroid Transitions is going well, with the first email being sent out to our list of 'test drivers' a few days ago. They have been asked to review the outline of the course and provide feedback so we can gauge if we're covering what you want and need.

My mental health has had a few low days in the last couple of weeks, but nothing too major. I've gotten much better in the last six months at realising when I need to take some time to practise self-care and 'take my brain out', as my husband Adam calls it!

I thought it had been a while since I offered the chance for the thyroid community to win something to help them better their health, so I also launched an impromptu competition both on Facebook and Instagram, for copies of my book, 'Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate'. Details below!

Wishing you all a wonderful February and hoping it isn't too cold where you are.

Thyroid love x

Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism

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I Have Been Nominated for The Annual Bloggers Bash 2019 Awards!

I am honoured to say that I’ve been nominated for The Annual Bloggers Bash 2019 Awards!

The award I have been nominated for is ‘Best Personal Development Blog’, which recognises those who write and blog about mental health and well-being, motivation, depression, anxiety, self-care and more. As a big part of the thyroid puzzle is mental health and well-being, with so many of us also experiencing mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, it is something I write about quite a bit. And feel that we should talk about more. The awards provide the opportunity for online community members to thank and support the bloggers they follow and find helpful.

Keeping authenticity and honesty behind everything I do as The Invisible Hypothyroidism, I am always open about my own thyroid journey, including all the mental health struggles I have faced, and this is what makes The Invisible Hypothyroidism so unique. I’m glad that the nomination for this award, again, shines light on the connection between thyroid disease and mental health.

Voting for the awards open in April, so I’ll update you on where that happens once I know. I’d just like to take this moment to thank you all for your support in the work that I do.

Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism

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