Hello Thyroid Family,

How are you all?

I mentioned in the last newsletter issue that I had come down with a cold and was feeling quite under the weather. Revisiting some of my blogs regarding getting over illnesses quicker and how we can be more prone to catching things as thyroid patients, I was able to rid myself of the cold in just a few short days and bounce back to normal. A lot of people seem to be coming down with things at the moment so I hope you're all keeping well.

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen that I was unfortunately glutened last week which wasn't very pleasant to say the least. I had stomach pains for a couple of days which kept me awake much of the night. I was able to use these tips for acting quickly and helping my body get over it quicker.

The podcast episode I did with the ladies over at Thyroid Refresh back in April is finally now live and I've included a link to it below. At 50-minutes long, you may wish to give it a listen while you cook, do your ironing or commute to work.

The heatwave in the UK last week was difficult for many thyroid patients living with heat intolerance. Remember to get yourself checked for possible overmedication if you have this symptom. Being on too much thyroid medication isn't nice and can actually be dangerous.

Thyroid love x

Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism


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