Hello Thyroid Family,

It has been a busy couple of weeks over here! I wanted to start this newsletter with some very exciting news...

I am expecting my first baby and am currently in my second trimester of pregnancy.

Experiencing pregnancy with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's and being on unconventional thyroid medication (Armour NDT) has definitely been interesting and I'm looking forward to sharing all of this with you in future blog posts and newsletters. So far, everything has gone very well and baby is perfectly healthy. I'm feeling very lucky indeed, but have gone into much more detail about this exciting news in my latest blog post, which is easier to read than a long newsletter introduction!

Adam and I took a last minute vacation to Spain for four days last week, which was very much needed as we have so much going on in both our personal life and work lives at the moment. This year has been very full-on with the pregnancy, writing and releasing my second book, launching the online courses and more. I came back feeling refreshed and ready to get back on with work again, as my head felt a lot clearer and less cluttered. It was lovely to have some time to relax whilst pregnant.

I took the book The Thyroid Hormone Breakthrough by Mary Shomon with me, so be sure to keep an eye out for my book review in the future. I chewed through it in a matter of days whilst on holiday.

Last week was also special for another reason - fellow thyroid patient advocate Nadha Hassen and I finally met up in real life! I've included a photo below and some more information on what we got up to. It was such a wonderful day and also surreal in some ways as we'd only ever spoken over Skype before.

With so much exciting stuff happening at the moment, I'm trying to also find time to look after myself and wind down so I don't become frazzled. I hope you are too.

Thyroid love x

Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism


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Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism