Hello Thyroid Family,

Thyroid Awareness Month is well under way. Have you done anything to raise awareness of thyroid disease this January?

I am almost ready to take my 'maternity leave' now, with blog posts scheduled to go on my website weekly until next year, when I plan to return. I'll still be hanging around on social media here and there too, so I won't be disappearing completely, and I hope to still be able to keep this newsletter going.

My pregnancy is approaching its final weeks and with this, I finally need an increase in my thyroid medication. Until now, my thyroid levels (the full panel) had stayed optimal and stable all the way through the first 8 months of pregnancy, and hadn't budged, but just recently they dropped, signalling a need to increase my medication (Armour Thyroid). I've been feeling more tired and achey, though it's not easy to know where normal pregnancy symptoms end and thyroid ones may begin. I'm still keeping up my yoga and swimming which I'm enjoying a lot.

My facebook group 'Thyroid Family' celebrated its 4th birthday last week, as we also reached a whopping 60,000 members! Many people have found much comfort in this group, as it can be useful to talk to others who truly 'get' what you're experiencing as a thyroid patient.

I'm working on getting a few more thyroid books read and reviewed for my blog before finishing up work next week, with one included further down this email - a thyroid cookbook.

And Finally! LetsGetChecked a trusted worldwide testing company has provided my readers 30% off all tests with the code INVISIBLE30. They offer Thyroid Function Tests, Hashimoto's Testing, Cortisol Testing and more.

Thyroid love x

Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism


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Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism