The last couple of weeks have been more up and down compared to the rest of this year.

I've experienced a couple of flare ups which have really taken me aback and made me realise just how far I've come in my health this year. I spent all of Sunday just gone on the sofa, after a busy day at the beach on Saturday, but I haven't experienced that kind of recuperation time in so long. I've been going about happily living my life with little interference from my thyroid health for a while, and so I was shocked when I had to rest on Sunday with no choice.

I have learnt to give in to this though and just rest when my body is telling me to, which means the day after I was almost fully restocked on spoons (energy) and then went about my week fairly normally again.

Sometimes you just have to let your body have what it wants and not question it.

I'll end the 'Welcome' with my favourite quote from the past two weeks, of which you can find more on my Instagram as I'm going through a rebranding on there and am featuring relatable, funny and inspirational quotes daily.

Thyroid Love x

Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism


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Rachel, The Invisible Hypothyroidism